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PHOTO SHOOT: Rustic elegant florals at the farm

We've been wanting to write a blog post about this one for a while! A couple of months back, we were blessed with the opportunity to work with some amazing vendors for a wedding magazine photo shoot. Taking place all the way back in February of 2017 (which seems like forever ago - where has the time gone?!), we were asked by the publisher to keep it all under wraps until the formal magazine issue release date had occurred. So now, we are happy to announce that we can FINALLY spill the beans and share some details with you all!

What we loved most about this shoot was that it took place at an outdoor venue that housed multiple locations for ceremony and reception sites (a barn, a meadow, orchard groves, interior fireplaces) - so the possibilities were really endless! We worked to complement the natural color of the peach blossoms from the on-site orchards, but also added contrast through some darker touches of pinks and reds to make the bouquet and arrangements REALLY stand out against the elegant backdrop.

Our very favorite element? SUSPENDED FLOWERS housed in rose gold and gunmetal lanterns. If you brides ever have the opportunity to hang florals from above, do it! It really adds an unexpected element and some whimsical flair, and creates a layering effect that allows for your venue space to appear more complete. Definitely not something you see every day!

See below for some of our favorite photos:

As well as some "behind the scenes" ones:

Until next time - happy planning!

xo Kat & Sam

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